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The clatter of machine sounds, the smell of gasoline enters our nostrils, the letters dance and stretch , sips of black or blue ink , traced by expert hands. The Work of BMD projects us in the United States and France in the 1930s. However,behind these three letters is hiding Bruno, who created his studio in the early 2000 years. His training as a draftsman advertising in the late 1980s to the school ofJolimont (Toulouse), the designer kept a love for craftsmanship, the one before the computer. Rotring, pencil, cutter, glue, brush, roughs, manual dialing, lead characters ... Work manually it takes longer but allows him to body with what it creates, to stimulate all his senses.


Today, handmade creates a craze, and many brands are turning to its values. Authenticity, expertise, back to the roots , crafts and secures reassuring. In a society in crisis marked by individualism and frantic rhythms, humanizes the handmade, as a supplement of soul ... Brands such as Nike, Levi's or Fuel Motorcycles have used BMD Design for its ability to integrate codes vintage communication today. Logos, typos, pictograms, Bruno made and remade, trace, eraser and ink, always pushing further its quest for a graphic referenced. To feed his old school visual vocabulary, it skims the French archives. Our typographic heritage are his main source of inspiration. If all of its production breathes the United States, Bruno's work is resolutely French by his willingness to extend a graph heritage. His creations look as good on the porcelain lettering andApollinaire calligrammes as industrial archives unearths it in flea markets and libraries. Constantly on the lookout for any signs or typographical clues, he lists, classifies and groups . It is then through the hand, by his hand, he appropriates.